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Building Faith for Everyday Life


UCB 1 is a Christian radio station that provides a great mixture of contemporary Christian music alongside fun, thought-provoking, and informative conversations. UCB 1 has a mission to create genuine connection with its listeners, providing them with content that challenges them, uplifts them, and gives them space to learn more about God, no matter where they’re at in life.


Specialist Christian music shows air on weekday evenings from 10pm to cater to different tastes: there's rap and hip-hop on Monday nights, chill-out praise on Tuesday nights, and classic hits on Thursday nights. And if you fancy something different at the weekend, you can listen to the Jazz Show at 9pm on Saturdays or Sunday Rocks at 10pm on Sundays.


Beyond its varied music genres, UCB 1 provides an accessible space where people of all faiths and none can discover a biblical take on the world and the issues affecting their lives. Alongside relevant Bible teaching, shows like Talking Point (a current affairs show on weekday mornings) and Life Issues (a podcast that dives deep into exploring different life topics) discuss themes that are impacting people’s lives – themes that might not always get an airing in church.


Through its music, Bible teaching, and connection with its presenters, UCB 1’s mission is to provide Christian radio that becomes a conduit for the truth of God’s love, reminding listeners that He is ready to meet them in the very best and worst of their lives.