‘He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted' Isaiah 61:1 NLT


Minister, writer, broadcaster and special friend of UCB, Malcolm Duncan, has a powerful personal story of what UCB’s Prayerline has meant to his own family, sharing how it helped to keep him in ministry.

“I’ll never forget the person that just took a few moments to listen to me and to pray with me. [It’s] “an unseen thing that is rescuing and helping families, extending the kingdom of God… people that are looking for God. They’re looking for help, they’re looking for support, they’re wanting someone to pray with them.”

Alice's story

‘I didn’t want the pain, I didn’t want the hurt, I didn’t want the rejection anymore, I didn’t want the anger…towards myself… I realised that really the only person I could rely on was God.’

Alice was one of 72,000 callers to UCB’s Prayerline in the last year. Just like Alice, each caller is someone facing a difficult situation, from divorce and bereavement, to job and financial worries. And we know this vital ministry works!

Over 300 volunteers make Prayerline possible. Perhaps you feel called to join them Click here for more information.

We all go through difficult times, but our stories help us to learn more about who God is.  It’s not about who you are, but whose you are! 

God doesn’t use us because of us, but in spite of us.  God has chosen to accomplish His purposes through ordinary people like us.  Does the situation seem impossible for you?  It’s not for God. Trust Him, stand on His promise: ‘I will be with you’, and move ahead!

With God’s direction and your support, together we can help more people draw closer to God and share His good news with others.  To give today, simply click this link UCB.CO.UK/donate or call 01782 911 000.


Watch the below videos to hear how God uses people’s stories for his purpose:

From lap-dancing to true love -Chantell's Story | UCB

‘He’s restoring everything that was taken from me and everything that was broken. God’s brought it all back together, and given me more now than I ever had before.’


Mike and Steph's story

‘The Lord had said “Paul, it’s my plan, I just want you to be obedient” and it’s wonderful and it’s been transformational in my life…and I’m just going to keep listening.’



2018 014 Paul Belton Word For Today Testimony

‘Mike was a single dad after his marriage had left him quite broken but he “always knew that God had a plan’.


Saved from self-harm and given a new purpose - Beccy Cox

‘I remember thinking…‘I can’t control anything around me right now’…[But] going back to it I could see what He’d done…The whole way through I knew He was there.’


Church Ambassador Margaret speaking at an event


We also have three amazing church ambassadors who have great stories of what God has done in their lives,
you can hear their stories, and you can also book them to speak at your church – for more information click here.