Meet: Chloe Wilson | United Christian Broadcasters
Meet: Chloe Wilson

We caught up with UCB’s newest presenter, Chloe Wilson, during her first week at UCB, to get to know more about her and why she’s excited to be working in Christian radio. 


You’ve recently come out of university – what did you study? 

Journalism, because my mum said I could talk for England! But to be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was considering all my options. I went with journalism because I liked writing and there was so much variety.


It can be quite distracting being at uni. Did you ever find that you were getting disconnected from God? How did you make sure that you stayed close to Him? 

A particularly hard thing for me was the amount of alcohol consumption. During my first year, I got really swayed by alcohol and I didn’t stick to my limits. I only went out a couple of times, but something didn’t feel right, and I felt continually guilty. Going back to the Bible and realising what God says about alcohol really helped, because it didn’t occur to me how powerful alcohol and other influences can be on you. Settling into a good church whilst at university was the key thing. My church were absolutely incredible, and I threw myself into that and got involved with everything, which really encouraged me and helped me to grow as a Christian.


What are you most looking forward to about working here? 

Getting to know the listeners, and getting to know other people in the office as well. It’s my first job – a dream job, really, because I’m coming into an environment where everyone believes the same thing I believe in, and they’re not scared to talk about it. I’m excited about the fact that I can talk about my faith openly, because I keep it quite private; people know that I’m a Christian, but that’s it. Being on the radio and talking about my faith will increase my confidence in sharing my faith with people outside of work.


What made you go into Christian radio? 

It was my mother-in-law. Before her, I’d never heard of UCB. I was doing work experience with a magazine publisher when she sent me a message saying, ‘UCB are hiring for a radio presenter. You need to go for it.’ I got food poisoning, which cut my work experience short, but then I got the email from UCB inviting me for an interview, so I was able to prepare for that. I wasn’t expecting to get the job. None of my family thought I would get it. So I didn’t think I would be sitting here now. God is good, that’s all I can say about that!


How do you like to spend time with God? 

I get up, have a cup of tea, then sit and do a daily reading with my Bible. I do use an app on my phone, but it just doesn’t have the same impact, so I always have my physical Bible with me. I’ve recently started keeping a prayer diary. Each week I’ll note down a list of people and things that I want to pray for, and then I can look back the next week, and think, ‘Has God answered that prayer?’ That’s encouraged me to look for answers to prayer, which I think is really important. I’m fairly musical as well. I would play the piano to help with the worship in church, and the melodies and words helped me realise who God is. Some of the more traditional hymns are so powerful. Seeing the way that God can use those songs is a really good way to connect with Him.


Do you have a favourite Bible verse? 

I do, it’s Psalm 73:26. Psalm 73 is where the psalmist is almost jealous of the world because they have it easy. I went through so many times like that. Verse 26 is what my pastor calls the beating heart of that Psalm, where it says ‘God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.’ Those little keywords like ‘my portion’ and ‘the strength of my heart’ really spoke to me. It was what I call my saving verse. My pastor preached on that Psalm and when he said that verse, I thought, ‘Wow, okay, that’s what it’s all about.’


What sort of things do you like to do in your spare time? 

I like to cook; I’m a massive foodie. I love baking. Fun fact: I also play the harp as well – or did. My goal is to get back into that, because I got to quite a good standard, and then uni happened. So it’s cooking, baking, music, and spending time with the other half!


Tune in to Chloe’s show, Worship & The Word, weekdays at 8pm on UCB 2. You can also hear her every Thursday at 7pm for Praise Now! and 5 Till 8 on Saturday evenings on UCB 2.

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